Ajoranta Group is business development companyt.


 AjoRanta is a development company concentrating on innovating, developing, marketing and productizing new business opportunities. In addition, the company offers tools for making the functions of client companies more efficient and the management of cashflow.


Together with the customers, AjoRanta develops business strategies, revenue models, service and operations concepts and the company's ICT and logistics functions. We help in company restructuring, developing financial management and PR and HR processes and outsourcing. Our specialists have solid experience in the acquisition of funding for growth companies too.


AjoRanta is particularly specialized in companies that are at the start-up and growth stage, which concentrate on refining the Internet, new business models and methods of operating into a profitable business. AjoRanta also manages business, office and residential properties that it sells and rents out.


The company has, as a leading idea, to offer its customers exactly what they need. "Let's do it together" and give the company the opportunity to concentrate on exactly what it's best at.



"The most important feature is the director of his courage to make decisions."

— Gustaf Hägglund


Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN) is a non-profit association of private investors on a mission to inspire private investments.


Venture Marina is a voluntary and non-profit-seeking community, the objective of which is to support and promote the success opportunities of companies and entrepreneurs by acting in the field, both in the domestic and international markets.



The Directors' Institute of Finland Reg Assn. (DIF) is a non-profit-seeking association which helps Finnish companies to succeed by promoting good board work.


EcoDa is a non-profit-seeking association, the objective of which is to communicate the positions of EU member states to EU decision-makers in matters relating to good management practices. EcoDa provides an organization with a direct information and influence channel to Brussels, where EcoDa has official status.


LOGY Reg. Assn. is Finland's largest network of logistics and procurement specialists. To its members, LOGY offers the latest information, most useful ideas and most valuable contacts in the field.

“People Who Feel Good about Themselves - Produce Good Results”







We're in the year 1929; Zeppelin is flying around the world. The great stock exchange crash of New York starts off the depression that shakes up the entire world.


At the same time, a great harbor strike is shaking up Finland. Despite the turmoil, and partly due to it, the company started up its operation.


From those times, the operations of the company and its business idea have changed considerably over the years.


In 2006, the company redefined its operational principle and changed its official name to Oy Ajoranta Investor AB and in 2013 the company focused its business idea and changed its name to Oy AjoRanta Group Ab.


AjoRanta Group is acting as the 'umbrella' of the company, offering and carrying out the company's HR, legal and financial management services. AjoRanta Investor acts as a provider of investment and financing services. AjoRanta Service carries out services related to maintenance, upkeep and refining of real estate.

"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once"

-Albert Einstein

From AjoRanta, you can find the services for the needs of the different stages of the life cycle of a company. It's not worth doing everything alone!

 "Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right "

    — Stephen R. Covey

Oy AjoRanta Group Ab



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